What is KickSure?

KickSure removes the risk from pledging to tabletop game projects on Kickstarter. KickSure allows you to exchange or cash-in your already placed pledges for other games or cash.

Why would I want to use KickSure?

Here’s a few situations where KickSure could benefit you:

  • You changed your mind about pledging to a project after that project has ended.
  • You see a new project that you want more than the first, but don’t want to break your budget by pledging for both.
  • You are tired of waiting on the delivery of a project that has been delayed.
  • You received a Kickstarter game you pledged for but decided it is not for you after all.

Give me the details? I love it when you talk geek…

KickSure is a pledge exchange medium for tabletop game related Kickstarter projects. Through KickSure you can acquire Pledge Tickets that correspond to the pledges you have made on Kickstarter. You may exchange your pledge tickets at any time for an equivalent value of other pledge tickets or games available in the KickSure market and/or cash.

Who can use KickSure?

During the beta period KickSure is open only to US residents with a mailing address within the 48 contiguous states. As KickSure grows we hope to expand to offer KickSure to everyone worldwide.

What is a Pledge Ticket?

A Pledge Ticket is a certificate of ownership corresponding to a game or other tangible reward from a Kickstarter project. If you hold a Pledge Ticket you are entitled to either the reward specified by that ticket OR the fixed monetary value of that ticket. Each ticket specifies both it’s reward and value.

How do I get Pledge Tickets?

You can purchase a Pledge Ticket for an individual pledge by visiting the “Current Kickstarters” page. If you would like to purchase a Pledge Ticket for a tabletop game Kickstarter that doesn’t appear on the Current Kickstarters page send us an e-mail, we can get it added for you. You can buy Pledge Tickets for a project any time during that project and for a minimum of 2 weeks after it closes.

If you are a regular Kickstarter backer you may want to consider subscribing to our membership plan instead. Memberships can be purchased either on an annual or month-by-month basis and entitle you to pledge tickets for each project you pledge for during the term of your membership.

Can I get a Pledge Ticket for any crowdfunding project?

At this time KickSure is limited to crowdfunding projects on the Kickstarter platform only – specifically those appearing in the Tabletop Games category. Once we work out the kinks we may expand to cover other project categories and crowdfunding platforms as well.

How is the price of a Pledge Ticket determined?

The cost to purchase a Pledge Ticket is based on the pledge cost for a single copy of that game (the base pledge) and the likely ability of the project creator to deliver a quality product on time. Most Pledge Tickets will cost between 5 and 15% of the base pledge. Pledge Tickets for projects by established publishers who have a track record of producing quality games will cost less than those of new publishers who haven’t yet demonstrated their ability.

How does the membership work?

KickSure memberships are purchased either on an annual or month-to-month basis. All KickSure memberships are effective at the start of the calendar month in which the membership is acquired (ie if you buy an annual membership on April 24, your membership will be effective from April 1st until March 31 of the following calendar year). Members will receive Pledge Tickets for each eligible project they pledge to that ends funding during the membership period. Members are responsible to submit a list of all eligible projects they have pledged to each month so the appropriate Pledge Tickets can be created for them.

Why are there multiple Pledge Tickets for a single project? Which should I choose?

Typically a Pledge Ticket corresponds to the base pledge level (1 copy of the game or product). Some projects offer different basic pledge levels (ie. basic or deluxe version of the game, or game + expansions). These projects will have multiple Pledge Tickets available – each corresponding to a different pledge level. Choose the Pledge Ticket that best corresponds to the pledge level you selected on Kickstarter.

What if I bought a Pledge Ticket for a project that fails to fund?

If a project fails to meet its funding goal or is cancelled we will cancel your Pledge Ticket and refund your money.

Why is there not a Pledge Ticket corresponding to each pledge level on a project?

Pledge Tickets correspond to physical tangible rewards. There are no Pledge Tickets for pledge levels with only intangible rewards (such as a Print & Play version of the game).

Some projects offer high level rewards that include a copy of the game plus the chance to leave your mark on the game (ie name a card or have your image appear in the artwork). In these cases find the Pledge Ticket that corresponds to only the tangible portion of that reward.

Some projects offer swag items, extra components, or other supplementary items as add-ons or extras on certain pledge levels. These items are typically excluded from Pledge Tickets – look for the Ticket that best matches your pledge without these extras.

How do I redeem a Pledge Ticket before my pledge reward is delivered?

At any time before your reward is shipped you can redeem your Pledge Ticket for it’s full value. You can either use this value toward the purchase of other games or Pledge Tickets available in the KickSure store or you can request a cash payout to your Paypal account (you are responsible for any Paypal fees).

In the near future we will have an automated system to redeem Pledge Tickets, but for now if you wish to redeem a ticket please contact us via e-mail. When redeeming a ticket you will be asked to provide a screenshot of your backer history page on Kickstarter to prove you actually pledged to support the project.

By redeeming a Pledge Ticket you are agreeing to forfeit the reward for your Kickstarter pledge (or the portions of that reward that correspond to the Pledge Ticket).

What are my responsibilities on a redeemed Pledge Ticket?

If you redeem a Pledge Ticket prior to rewards being shipped for that Kickstarter project KickSure will supply you with a name and address. You should enter this name/address on the backer survey (instead of your own address) or provide it to the project creator so that the reward can be shipped to the new owner of that Pledge Ticket.

How do I redeem a Pledge Ticket after my reward is delivered?

You can redeem a Pledge Ticket for up to 90 days from the date that the Kickstarter project creator announces all related rewards have been shipped.  If you get your game and decide you would rather not keep it you can redeem your Ticket toward the purchase of other games or Pledge Tickets available in the KickSure store. You will need to ship the game to us – contact us by e-mail and we can arrange the details. It’s OK if the game has already been opened, however if the game is returned to us in less than “Like New” condition (ie missing components, damage, or wear) you may only receive a portion of your Pledge Ticket value (at our discretion – don’t worry we will be fair).

All Pledge Tickets expire 90 days after the Kickstarter project creator has announced the related rewards have shipped. If you think you might redeem a game you have already received be sure to request the redemption before the window expires.

How do I use a Pledge Ticket that I acquired in the KickSure store?

Pledge Tickets acquired from the KickSure store (ie a Pledge Ticket for a project you didn’t actually back yourself) work just like other Pledge Tickets. They entitle you to the reward listed on the ticket (when it becomes available we will have it shipped to you) or alternately they can be redeemed monetary value of that ticket.

Doesn’t KickSure require a lot of trust? What happens if something goes wrong?

Yes – it does. KickSure is built on trust. We’ve spent a lot of time interacting with members of the tabletop gaming community and overall it is a very trustworthy community. As a KickSure user you will need to trust us and we will need to trust you. We’re willing to give you the benefit of the doubt – and we ask you to do the same for us.

Things happen. Packages get lost in the mail. People forget things (ourselves included!). If there is a problem please be patient with us. We will do everything in our power to make it right. Be forewarned that some things can take some time to resolve (ie. a shipment arriving at the wrong location). In these cases we will try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. However, if you would rather not wait for a problem to be resolved you can always redeem your Pledge Ticket for it’s value instead.

We hope it never happens, but we reserve the right to refuse sales of memberships and individual Pledge Tickets to those who breach the circle of trust.

Who are you? Why should I trust you?

KickSure is owned by Integrity Technology. This is the same company behind Today in Board Games. We’ve been a part of the gaming community for a while – and we are not going anywhere. Our goal is to make everyone’s gaming hobby more enjoyable and KickSure meets that goal by adding a new layer of flexibility and freedom to Kickstarting tabletop games. Go ahead – Pledge Without Regrets :)

For transparency reasons I (Roger Hicks – the owner) am including my personal contact info here. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have a question or concern:


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