KickSure lets you Pledge Without Regrets! Never worry about your Kickstarter pledges again. Here’s how it works.

The Problem:

There are many reasons why you might want to back out of a pledge on Kickstarter:

  • The project has been delayed
  • You suspect the project will not be able to deliver your promised rewards
  • You want to use the money to pledge toward a different project
  • You got the game, but it’s not what you thought it was.
  • Your dog got measles, your goldfish died, your great uncle needs a loan, etc.

What KickSure Does:

KickSure allows you to get a full refund for a pledge you have made on Kickstarter – at any time, for any reason – for the entire duration of your pledge including 90 days after your reward has been shipped to you. You can either get your refund as a cash payment through Paypal or use it to exchange for items in the KickSure Market.

In time we hope to make KickSure available for anyone anywhere on most any pledge, but for now there are some basic limitations:

  1. You have to live within the 48 contiguous states of the US to use KickSure.
  2. KickSure is limited to pledges made on the Kickstarter.
  3. KickSure is limited to projects in the Tabletop Games category of Kickstarter.
  4. KickSure is only for certain pledge levels (the basic ones). If you pledge for a more advanced level KickSure only covers the tangible portion of the reward (typically a single copy of the game).

Two Ways to get started with KickSure:

To make sure your pledge is safe you will want to acquire a Pledge Ticket that matches your Kickstarter pledge. “Pledge Ticket” is our fancy way of saying “If I change my mind about this pledge, KickSure will buy it from me.”

1) If you only rarely pledge for Kickstarter projects you can buy an individual Pledge Ticket matching your pledge from the Current Kickstarters page. The cost is usually around 10% of the amount of your pledge.

2) If you typically pledge for 2 or more games in a month then a KickSure Membership is right for you. Memberships are available monthly or annually (with a discount!). As a member you get a Pledge Ticket for each game you pledge for during your membership.

How you use your Pledge Ticket:

You can redeem a Pledge Ticket at any time (including up to 90 days after the game is shipped to you) – just drop us an e-mail and let us know want to redeem your ticket. When you redeem your ticket we will give you the full face value of that ticket (usually that’s the amount that you pledged on Kickstarter). You can decide how you want to receive it:

  • We can send you a Paypal payment (Paypal will take a small portion of this as a fee).
  • You can exchange for items in the KickSure Market (at the Face Value rate). If the value of the items you exchange for is less than the value of your redeemed ticket we will Paypal you the difference. If it’s more – you can Paypal us the difference. Easy peasy. If you exchange for a physical item (say, a game) we will cover the cost to ship it to you.

NOTE: If you have already received the game associated with your Pledge Ticket you will need to ship us that game in order to redeem the ticket.

What Next:

If you redeemed a ticket for a Kickstarter project that hasn’t yet shipped rewards you have one last thing to do. The original pledge on Kickstarter was still made under your account. We will give you the name and address of the new owner of your ticket. You need to update your backer survey on Kickstarter with this information so that the reward is shipped to the new owner. That’s it!

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